Why Mobile?

Mobile grooming is very different from a salon experience.  We have a fully operational doggy  salon on wheels with cool A/C in the summer and cozy heat in the winter.  This luxury service is available by appointment only and due to the limited number of dogs we can style in one day, our spots fill up fast.  Visit our contact page to see how to reach us.

We provide our own water and power, you only need your dog!  You can just kick back and catch up on emails while we do our work.  You don’t even need to be home for your appointment, we offer latchkey service free of charge.

We clean the salon between appointments and sanitize it at the end of every day, so no need to worry about other dogs’ germs when it’s your little friend’s turn for a spa day.  One on one service is the only kind that we offer, no more wondering if your pet had to be set aside while we help fellow employees, clients or tend to other dogs.

We only carry the best products the market has to offer.  We pride ourselves in offering a variety of options from deshedding treatments, to sensitive skin and coat care.