About/My Team

Hi! I’m Sarah

I’ve been grooming for 20 years.  I have a knack for handling dogs with the kind of compassion you’d only expect from a well trained, talented professional.

After having our son, my husband and I decided to take my dog grooming career and specialize in luxury, at your doorstep doggy pampering.  I really enjoy being one on one with my clients and their dogs.  It allows me to offer very individualized attention and service.

When you hire me, you’re not hiring just another groomer.  You’re hiring someone who loves what she does and strives yearly to maintain her education.  I like to think I become an important part of your dog’s life, taking care of them like they’re my own and always keeping you up to date on any issues I find. Oftentimes your pet’s groomer is the first person to discover health issues, since we spend many hours a year with them, hands on.

Meet Stacy!

Stacy has 12 years of experience and joined my team in October 2021.  I had reached out to her shortly after opening my business; my schedule was full, and I knew I’d need a fabulous groomer to take care of clients for me so that my business could continue to grow.  I had admired Stacy’s compassion, work ethic and attention to detail for several years.  When she finally asked to join my team it was the fastest yes I’d ever said.  She specializes in hand stripping techniques, coloring, and consistent, reliable quality.

Meet Karina!

Karina’s been grooming for 5 years, she started off as an apprentice groomer at an upscale doggy daycare. While there, she shadowed the dog trainers, most experienced groomers, attended trade shows and spent her down time shadowing mobile groomers so that one day she’d be able to go out and work in the field of traveling dog cosmetologists. Her passion for grooming shows when she takes on a new client that has maybe had a negative experience with grooming in the past; she prides herself in building a trusting relationship with the pets to make every grooming experience a great one.

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